Worship FAQs

What Should I expect from a Church Service?

You can expect a warm welcome, uplifting worship, an engaging sermon, and a friendly group of people seeking to live their lives as followers of Jesus. Afterwards you can expect hot drinks, biscuits and friendly chat, some Sundays there is the option of staying on for a meal together and for workshops exploring questions of faith.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you normally wear. There’s no dress code – we are far more concerned with getting to know you.

What Usually Happens during a Service?

After a welcome, most Sunday services start with singing together – join in with as much as you feel comfortable, or feel free to simply listen. The service will also include three readings from the Bible, with a sermon to help us think through how God might want us to live our lives, and how we can know him better. Our response to this will often include prayers and singing, before we have the chance to share bread and wine in communion. We have an Open Table and all are welcome to receive the bread and wine. If you would rather not you can receive a prayer of blessing instead. The service finishes with a final song before we are sent out into God’s world ready to live for Jesus in the week ahead.

What if I’ve got children?

 Every Sunday there is a children’s group (Children’s Church) during the service so that our young people can learn and worship in their own way. The space at the back of church with sofas and comfy chairs is also available as a crèche space for parents to use with their babies and toddlers if they wish – the service can still be seen and heard from there.

Will I be expected to give money?

Our main concern is that you feel welcome, so it is important that visitors and newcomers don’t feel any pressure to give anything. We take a collection during one of the songs but no one is obliged to give the best offering you can make is to open your heart to God. Our regular members give in all sorts of different ways.

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