Sunday Worship

Our Main act of Worship is on a Sunday at 10.30 am. Although we dont always start dead on time. This is a service of Holy Communion Open to all. We mix things up at ChadMark seeking to draw on the best of different worshipping traditions aiming  to be open, accessible and informal whilst being true to our Anglican Heritage.

If you are new to church check out our Worship FAQs page

Our willingness to draw upon all traditions of the faith is represented in the mixture of songs we sing including new hymns with expansive language about God such as Bernadette Farrell’s Everyday God, songs from the contemporary tradition of renewal in the church such as the passionately devotional Knowing You by Graham Kendrick or Vineyard’s Jesus be the Centre , chants from the contemplative tradition of Taize such as O Lord Hear My Prayer, songs  that help us celebrate the diversity of Christianity world wide and that of our own congregation such as Ewe Thina (We Walk His Way) from Southern Africa or the evocative Farsi song Ay Farzandane Nur and the liberationist   Sent by the Lord am I from Nicaragua , alongside traditional hymns such as Charles Wesley’s Love Divine, all loves excelling and new hymns like Marty Haugen’s inclusive All are Welcome

Our service sheets are in English and Farsi and we have readings printed in English, Farsi, French, Kurdish (Sourani) and Spanish. You can download examples of our Easter Season Service and our Creation Season Service

You can listen or read some old sermons from Chad/Mark here
You can watch more recent sermons here

We Livestream our Worship every Sunday on our YouTube Channel ChadMark Church TV

You can watch last Sunday’s service on this website on our Sunday Services Page

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