Sanctuary Solidarity

We are blessed to have a multicultural congregation with people from different parts of the world sharing and leading in our community and worship. Some of our folk are refugees seeking sanctuary fleeing persecution because of their faith, politics, gender or sexuality. We have folk from Iran, Iraq, Cameroon, Burundi, Bangladesh, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Uganda to name a few. We actively campaign for a more welcoming policy from the authorities and seek to act in solidarity with people as they navigate the unjust asylum process. This approach is rooted in an understanding of God’s Kingdom as being beyond nations and borders – there are no passports needed for the citizens of what Martin Luther King Jnr called God’s Beloved Community. We also know  that Jesus himself was a refugee (Matthew 2:13).

We also have organised training days for refugees and those accompanying them on the asylum process in partnership with Hope Projects Birmingham. We are also in a partnership with Hope into Action and support one of their houses for refugees who have recently been given ‘leave to remain’.