Spritual Communion Page now updated and easier to access with link from Live Streaming page too

Live Streaming Page for Sunday Eucharist available on website

8/4/2020 Good Friday and Easter Resources

Good Friday Reflections in Farsi and English Uploaded

Easter Spiritual Communion Uploaded


Holy Week Resources and Palm Sunday Spiritual Communion available to download

28/3/2020 06.00 Update on Spiritual Communion Resources

An update on Spiritual Communion Resources in English and Farsi has been circulated via email and is available for download here

24/3/2020  17.00 Bible Study on ZOOM

We are starting a new Bible Study on Thursday from the Life Transformed Bible Study Series. This will be via Zoom which is easy to use and can be accessed on PC, Laptop or Smartphone. The course will be in English and run for 10 weeks. All are welcome to attend whether you are a regular at Chad/Mark or not. To register and get further details contact Revd Ray via text, WhatsApp or email at 07751155124 or or Revd Helen at 07590365250 or
You can view information about the material at the following links

A short video about the Life Transformed approach

Details about the specific course we will be following Meeting Jesus

21/3/2020 19.02 Act of Spritual Communion resources available for home worship with music and prayers plus readings and reflection from the Vicar for Mothering Sunday

18/3/2020 14.10 Vicar’s letter in Farsi with additional material for Farsi speakers at Chad/Mark

A letter from the Vicar to Farsi speaking members of our congregation, with additional elements to the one posted yesterday is available to download in PDF from here

17/3/2020 17:00 Letter from the Vicar to all on the Electoral Roll

Dear Friends in Christ

The new guidelines from the Church of England mean that public worship will stop as from today. The Ministry Team are working on both providing resources in English and Farsi that will help us still to worship spiritually together on Sunday from our own homes and ensuring that we can remain in pastoral contact with each other and take care of the most vulnerable and isolated members of our community. We will be circulating the worship resources later this week through email and social media platforms with links probably to the website for downloading the resources . If you are aware of anyone who is a regular at St Chad & St Mark who does not have access to any of these can you let me know asap.

These are challenging times for us all, there is much fear and concern in the communities in which we live and work. We will also feel fearful and concerned for ourselves and our loved ones. The gospel calls us to widen our compassion to see this crisis as an opportunity to surrender ourselves more deeply into the love of Christ who is the one whose love casts out all fear and to deepen our love for our neighbour. These Corona Virus Golden Rules from the Diocese of St Albans are excellent on this. And this poem Pandemic by Lyn Ungar takes a thoughtfully contemplative approach to help us refocus from fear to love.

There is much good happening with volunteer groups of people of all faiths and non springing up around the country to help with supporting the isolated and the vulnerable. Some of this activity in Wolverhampton is being co-ordinated via a Facebook group that can be accessed at Wolverhampton Covid 19 Mutual Aid and they are working closely with Wolverhampton City Council Public Health Directorate. We will seek to keep you updated of developments and opportunities for help and to volunteer if you wish.

Please get in touch at this point with me at the number below with any concerns or queries

Let us pray, love and care for one another