Child Christenings and Adult Baptism

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We welcome requests for Child  Christening  also called Baptism all parents living in our Parish have the right to have their child Christened at their local Church of England and we take that responsibility seriously- rejoicing in your concern to have your child connected to the Christian faith. We hold Christenings either as part of our service of Holy Communion at 10.15am on Sundays or in a separate service of Christening at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes we are able to work with you on having the service on another day if plenty of notice is given.

We are also baptising more adults these days  who were not baptised as a child and are new to Christian faith. This takes place in our Sunday Holy Communion service.

For Adult Baptism people usually undertake a 6-8 session preparation course.  Contact the Vicar for further details.

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