Dear All, 

    Please read the following for your careful considerations as we try to respond to an urgent need…

Deborah is an invaluable, key figure for our church and wider community support. Due to the unjust Visa systems, the support she provides within church for the vulnerable local people will be ended if she cannot pay the full amount of the Graduate Visa and Health Surcharge. This will have a detrimental effect on many people’s wellbeing, particularly those new to the country staying in hotels, who rely on the sessions Deborah provides. 

Now it is our turn to support Deborah and her children in their own time of desperate need, but we cannot do this without your help, as the deadline for the Visa is 5th September which is fast approaching 

Here is a personal message from Deborah to give you more information: 

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ, 

I came to the UK as an international student and a migrant from Nigeria. I am a young single parent of two blessed daughters of ages 9 and 6,  that is committed to impacting lives positively, serving all of humanity and God through all God’s given gifts, talents, life experience, knowledge, creative potentials, and skills. 

My journey to the UK was a bitter-sweet experience, which illustrates how I joined the church of St. Chad and St. Mark, CofE, Wolverhampton, the UK in August 2021. To date this glorious family has always been a support system in all ramifications of life to my stay in the UK generally; however, this time they cannot support me alone in this issue. 

As an active member of the DCC & PCC Trustee in the Diocese of Lichfield, I would not want to leave a place I now call my HOME –  the Wolverhampton Community and the Church, the wonderful Refugees, Asylum seekers and other Migrants like me that I have been a impacting positively through teaching them ESOL, Digital Skills, Health & Wellbeing coaching, Keep Fit Dance, Counselling and Guidance. 

To God be praised, I graduated from Coventry University, Coventry, UK where I obtained another Master of Arts Degree in Communication, Culture, and Media.  

However, like many I have struggled so hard despite working as much as I can to pay my monthly rent, feed, and provide basic living amenities because of only being allowed to work limited hours and not claim any benefits due to my kind of visa. I pay my National Insurance and am eligible for paying Tax, yet I still have to pay around £2,000 for myself and each child to remain here and access health care.  

Currently, for my daughters and I to live for another two years in the UK, we are appealing for your kind financial support to re-apply for the Graduate Visa because the amount I earn is not sufficient to pay for the three of us. I cannot unsettle my children from school, friends and connections such as being part of the Chad/Mark Worship Team, Children’s Chapel and St Peter’s Church choir. My children being sent away to Nigeria is not a viable option as it is a dangerous place for young girls and there is no one there who is able to support us.  

Conclusively, from the depth of my heart, my children and I plead for your relentless assistance to please donate however much you can give on or before the 5th of September 2022. Thank you for taking the time to consider my cause. 



 Please find the break-down of the Visa amount and how to donate:  

2 Year Graduate visa 

Adult £750

Child £750

Child £750

2 Year Health surcharge 

Adult £1248

Child £940

Child £940

Total £5,378 

Donations can be made by bank transfer to: 

The Church of St Chad & St Mark 

Acc N.o: 03829156 (Lloyds) 

Sort Code: 30-99-83 

Using the reference:  Deborah Fund 

We thank you in advance of any amount you may generously wish to offer. We trust that in any case you will be keeping Deborah and family in your prayers.

Blessings and many thanks on behalf of the Ministry Team,

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